Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finals Week

It's Tuesday night and the hardest part of my week is over. Yesterday, I had a Mass Communications final. It took me two hours, but it was open note. Overall, it really wasn't too bad. I also had to turn in my final New Media website, which I think turned out very nicely. The site presented research on Facebook. I sent a survey to the entire Freshman class inquiring about Facebook usage. I found some pretty interesting information, mostly that girls are more likely to fill out your survey. The most interesting thing I learned was that 89% of the girls think they are addicted to Facebook. Insane, right? I mean I know I am in that statistic, but I never realized the prominence of Facebook. It really is a weird technological drug in a superficial world. Deep. I know. :-P
Today, I had to turn in my final memoir and self-evaluation. I turned it in compete with manila envelope and stamps to be sent back to be after grading. I think it turned out pretty well, except for the few mistakes I noticed where I was probably typing to fast, skipped a letter, and the computer changes the word to something that doesn't make sense. I usually like that tool, but sometimes.... ooooo it can make me angry. Oh well. Technology isn't perfect. In class, we enjoyed apple cider, egg nog, and cookies courtesy of our professor. Each of us read a short excerpt from either our self evaluation or memoir. While we had already read everyone's memoirs, hearing the changes people made or the things that had been added made them refreshed.
Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am heading up to Smugg's to do a bit of training with the Smuggler's Notch Ski Team. I'm leaving here at 6 am. Ah! So early. Definitely going to need an afternoon nap. Despite that, I am VERY excited to train slalom. It's my best event and I love hitting gates. :-P I can't wait for the NCAA race season to start. It's going to be epic. I hear the snow is supposed to be nice and icy for training tomorrow, which will be fantastic. I have been contemplating exactly how much clothing to wear. I can't wear a ton to train, but I don't want to be too cold! Oh, life's problems. I'm sure I'll be contemplating that until the very last minute.
I have one more final this week in Spanish. I'm not nervous about it at all. After the composition I had to write and the oral exam, I am feeling very confident in my proficiency. I hope that is reflected on the test. Come to think of it, I should probably do a little review. The key with me is not to OVER study. My brain turns to mush and I don't retain anything...

Home again, Home again, Jiggity jigg...
Just so you know, my Spanish final went totally fine. It wasn't a breeze, but I seemed to retain a lot of the material which is fantastic. I also just got my final grades! An "A" in my first-year seminar, an "A-" in Spanish, a "B+" in New Media, and a "B+" in Mass Communications, with a GPA of 3.59. :-) Can't complain about those grades in my first semester of college! Actually, I would never complain about that. I've also been perusing my classes for next semester on eCollege to see what I'm in for. Looks like I'm in for an interesting semester and I promise to keep you updated on anything important. But that's enough about school, It's vacation!
I've been home for a few days now and there is really no place like home. There is four feet of snow outside my house and it is also 40 degrees and I am sweltering. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. I went to walk a dog for my mom (She runs a pet-sitting service.) and in a light sweater and jeans I was so hot! I'd never thought I'd think that. I'm so happy to be home, but I head back to school on the 28th for ski team training. It's going to be weird being in an empty dorm, but I'm very excited for the ski team to really get underway and for the racing to start!
Hope everyone has very happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Storm Warning :-)

We got 3-5 inches! Ah! It's a good day!

This is the Durick Library. Its a very beautiful building and through my observations I think it is safe to say that this is the most popular building on campus. So many people go daily to study and work. With finals coming up, it is even MORE populated. It's insane. It's not just busy at night. It's an ALL DAY thing. Its crazy. As someone that hasn't spent any time in libraries and has to have music playing at all times, I never really understood the productivity that could come from the "libs" as we like to refer to it as. I have only been to library about 4 times and only once for working, but I have found that under the right circumstances it can be a magical place.
Anyways, I made my way over there this morning for my last Spanish Oral Exam. MY LAST! Yay! I talked with my professor about travel and food, which went far better than I thought. I always worry way to much about these things. They are never that hard. I definitely think I aced it! After Spanish, I had Mass Communications. It's one of my classes that I look forward to attending. I know I have talked about all the discussions and the ability to express opinions, but it is fantastic. Today we watched some Pultizer Prize winning editorial cartoons. I thought they were hilarious. Here are a few:

NSA Listening to Our Phone Conversations

Campaigning For Dummies

No Place Like Home

I think this is one of the great things about this class. We were exposed to so much from different media forms to ground break journalism to the infinite opportunities within the journalism field.
Also on this week's agenda is putting together my final website for New Media and editing my memoir for my first year seminar. My website is coming along very nicely. I have picked a light yellow background color and using black, green, and blue for text, logos, and links. Using Adobe Illustrator I have created a very nice logo for the "GH Research Group." In doing so, I have found a font where the "p" and "q" are leaves which I used as embellishment on my logo. The motto is: Where quantity and quality meet... I think it is all going to work out well once I get my results organized and graphed. My memoir is also close to completion. More than anything, I have a lot of punctuation and grammatical errors. Silly things that I miss when I read it. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I have a hard time noticing my own writing mistakes until someone else points them out.
I must stop procrastinating on homework and get focused! Shoot...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Opening Day at Smugg's!

Hey all,
Big day today! Opening day at Smuggler's Notch and lots of snowfall. I headed up to the hill with my friends, Greg, Taylor, and Pat. I also made some new friends, Jared from Arizona (who coincidentally knows a girl I graduated middle school with) and Alex. We drove to the mountain in Greg's SUV at 7 am, so that we could make 8:30 am chair. It was snowing a TON so the drive to look a little longer than expected, but who are we to complain about some more snow?!
When we arrived at the mountain, it was still snowing, but it was in the mid-20's which was a nice temperature especially since I am breaking in new ski boots. :-) I was very excited to ski with a new group of people that weren't racers and just like to bomb down mountains. It's a nice change of pace. At 8:30, Taylor, Pat, Greg and I loaded the lift. Alex was on a mission to teach Jared to snowboard because he has never done it before. I give kudos to Jared for getting out there with us and jumping right into snowboard. It takes a lot of courage to try something new like that. I hear he is a good long boarder which helped him alot in the beginning processes. He did however have a minor freak out the first time he was getting of the lift and proceeded to dangle off the chair past the exit ramp until the lift-ops were able to stop it. Jared also took an infinite number of falls, but its the nature of winter sports.
After a few runs, I ran into my coach, Gus, and my team mates, Andrew, JD, and Kevin, who were equally as amped to get on snow and start skiing. It's been to long for all of us. It is weird seeing everyone in their winter gear because they are so bundled. I always have trouble identifying people. I feel like such a dork asking, "Is that so-and-so?" O well. I'm imperfect. Unfortunately, opening day doesn't mean classes were canceled so we needed to leave to make our afternoon classes. :-( The drive back was far easier because the roads had been plowed and the sun was shining! It was such an awesome way to start the season and I look forward to many more awesome days!
That's all for now! I have to study for a Spanish Oral Exam. Eek! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 7, 2009

First Sticking Snow at SMC!

Woke up this morning with a dusting of snow on the ground :-) and it's been snowing off and on all day. It's not much, but it's a start!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Food, Friends, and Fun!

What a wonderful Saturday! I started the day with brunch and the Center for Women over by Ross Sports Center. My RA, Kate, and her boyfriend, Calvin, cooked Joyce 3rd Floor South a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, coffee cake, fruit, coffee and juice. All of it was delicious, but we are all most excited about the coffee cake. And who would have thought Calvin cooked it?! We certainly didn't, but its the truth. He also forgot to de-stick the pan and left me scraping off crumbs after breakfast, but we all make mistakes.
The Women's Center was a great place for this because it is a house with kitchen and there was large living room for all of us to relax and enjoy each other's company. When we arrive just before 10 am we popped Juno into the DVD player. We stayed at the Women's Center for over 2 hours eating, watching a movie, and doing everything, but thinking about the last two weeks of the semester.
After breakfast, I came back to my room with the intention of being VERY productive. I was going to clean my room, do laundry, and go to the computer lab in order to start work on my final New Media project. So much for that! My friends, Liz, Laura and Alyssa, joined me at the Mens Hockey Team's game. I had never been to a ice hockey game before, so I was very excited. The rink is in South Burlington, so shuttles take students to the venue. When we arrived at the rink, we sat down and then realized the players had ponytails! Whoops! Wrong game... We then made our way to the second rink in the Cairns Arena. Boys! Found them! We watched the last two periods cheering on the Purple Knights. It was a very exciting game because all of the boys were very aggressive and you could tell both teams wanted to win. Who doesn't? Unfortunately, our boys lost to Amherst, but it was still a great game.

Now, I am back at the home and my room is still a mess and my laundry hasn't been cleaned. :-P Bummer.
On the bright side, I have fun snowflake Christmas lights to make me happy! We need to keep positivity that it will snow soon! We don't have snow here! It's like its avoiding us! Ah! What will we do?
I am off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday!

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