Friday, November 6, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Getting Mail?!

Seriously! And let me tell you, here at school getting mail is like Christmas! Today was particularly exciting because it wasn't just school announcements. I got a package! It was from my good friend, Shannon. We have known each other since we were 10 years old and she is just too cute. It was a care package filled with oatmeal, Cheez-Its, Annie's pasta, hot chocolate mix, Emergen-C, Burt's Bees chap stick, and all other manner of treats. It was a great surprise!

Also in the mail was a paper regarding the purchasing of Smugg's Ski Passes! All St. Michael's students can purchase them for $30 dollars and the winter there are shuttles to take people to the mountain! How cool is that?! They are going on sale next week :-) and I am sure everyone will be investing. For Information on the Smugg's Pass and Program click HERE. And in order to bring in the upcoming winter, the Ski and Snowboard Club is hosting the eighth annual Jibfest. Jibfest is a rail competition for students that takes place on the 300's fields. I have seen them building the apparatus for a while now and I am very excited to see the whole thing set up! It's going to be so legit! To get an idea of what Jibfest is like go here: Spring Jibfest '09

Much like everyone else, the ski team is very antsy. I realize it only Nov. 6, but I could REALLY go for some snow and skiing. In the mean time, the ski team works out everyday (Well, Monday thru Friday) from 4:30-6. We mix it up between agility and lifting. When I am not blogging for you guys I try to update the SMC Alpine Ski Team Blog. I just posted tons of pictures showing everyone the team and what we've been doing. I would like to build up the support for the SMC Ski Team around campus and with people associated with the school. I think the ski team could have a really fantastic season! I'll have a lot more to blog about once on-snow training starts. We leave for camp on Nov. 24 after the last class and come back on Sunday. We will be heading to Sunday River, ME and spending our Thanksgiving there. It'll be some team bonding time to say the least. I for one am dying to smack down some gates and knife some turns. I am suffering from withdrawal.

For now I'll leave you with that! Make sure to check out all the other SMC Bloggers!
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