Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Break!

It's officially Thanksgiving Break for me! And I've ended up in Colorado. I was supposed to be heading to Sunday River, Maine today with the ski team, but the weather has not be working in favor of winter. There was only a little snow and a lot of people. :-( Yesterday, at noon I got a call and text that the camp had been canceled! I had a minor panic attack. It's not like it's really easy to re-plan for the holidays.
I called up my mom, who was in Colorado with my dad and sister. My sister has been here for a few weeks training already and my parents just decided to drive out here and spend Thanksgiving on snow. Now stranded for the break, my mom whipped herself into a frenzy. She is a flight finding machine. Ideally, I would have left today, but prices on flight more than doubled from yesterday to today and with the economy the way it is... well, you get the point.
Obviously, leaving a day early and without warning, leaves the chance that your professors won't be quite so understanding. I got really lucky. My professors tried to understand the situation and didn't freak out when I told them. In order to tell one of my professors, I had to call her at home! But that just shows how much professors care about there students at SMC. We have there home phone numbers. (Don't call after 10 pm, tho. Apparently teachers have lives outside of school.)
Now I am here at Copper Mountain! It was the official first day of the ski season for me :-)! So excited! It was the best feeling ever to just knife turns. The snow was prime for getting back on snow. I will say that the crowds weren't ideal. SO MANY PEOPLE, AH! I had a minor freak out in the middle of the run after being cut off by people straight lining and then turning and stopping in front of me. It gets old REALLY fast. On the bright side, it wasn't even that cold. I was rockin' the speed suit and a flannel. My new ski boots didn't even hurt that bad! It was great! The sun was out and shining... It was a really perfect way to get things going. On the chairlift, I met some other college kids on break. One goes to Gonzaga in Washington and the other to CU Boulder, but the part that relates to me is the younger sister that attends UVM. She's a freshman like me. I just think it's crazy what a small world it really is.
This break just keeps getting better! I just found out that I am going to be training at Vail tomorrow which is exciting because I can train slalom, but I am more excited because I get to see my old coach, Fritz! He's my favorite coach and always does wonders for my skiing. I think that's because he tells it like it is. He will tell you if your skiing was.... um, well to say it politely... not up to his standards. And as an ex-Austrian National Team coach he has really high standards. That's why on a good day, I can ski sort of fast.... My point is: AHHH! I GET TO TRAIN SLALOM TOMORROW AND SEE MY OLD COACH AND ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!
I'll make sure to keep you guys updated on break and the upcoming frenzy that is finals.


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