Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, as expected Halloween was fantastic. Everyone had fantastic costumes and I was particularly happy with how my costume turned out.

To the Left: That's my roommate and me. The Snowflake and Peacock!
Cute, right?
My orange flip-flops definitely matched the costume :-P, but they were the most sensible shoes for the evening of dancing.
Below: Hannah as a Nurse and Sarah as a sailor.

The dance was held on the Tarrant Courts in Ross Sports Center. There was a DJ, of course, and tables set up. There was pizza and water. I thoroughly enjoyed the water. I was doing A LOT of dancing. It's a great work out. Definitely on the ski team workout schedule.

This is my roomate's peacock make-up. Courtesy of Marissa, one of the girl's on Joyce 3rd. So talented!
Ashley's friend, Brooke from UVM, came to visit and enjoy the evening festivities. It is really cool we are allowed to bring guests!

These are my girls! From Left to Right: Natalie as Baby Spice, Teresa as Dorothy, Andrea as Robin, Kate as a Greek Goddess, Emma as a Cat, Me as Snowflake, and Ashley as a Peacock.

Alyssa was a fierce storm! and Daniel was Braveheart!

It was such as awesome night! I wish Halloween was everyday! :-)

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