Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Big 18!

Two days ago a very magical thing happened! I turned 18! A legal adult! And of all the wonderful things that come with turning 18 I realized one very large thing in the hours before midnight. I am older than Edward Cullen. Oh no!! haha, just kidding. I promise. (Although my friends and I just bought tickets to the midnight premiere of New Moon :-P... Don't judge.) In all seriousness, my realization was: Oh my god, I can sign my own release forms! I can go to a ski race and sign the liability waiver, my coach or parent doesn't have to! What a magical thing! ( I got to sign my first one the yesterday to get my Smugg's Pass. They used my student I.D. photo... I hope no hot boys see that photo. Move-In day does not equal photo-op btw.)
Anyways, my birthday went something like this:

7:30 am
- Wake-up (ugh!)
8:15 am- Spanish Class (They sang "Happy Birthday" in Spanish.. ha. It was funny.)
10:00 am- Radio Show #8. As I was walking to the station, I made a new goal. I want to be so famous that people around the world celebrate my birthday! I don't just mean "Oh, it's Gabbi Hall's birthday today." I mean parades, and celebrations in the streets. Similar to Mardi Gras....
12:00 pm- Get my new skis :-) and drive them to Edgewise at Stowe to get prepped for the season. (13 days 'til Sunday River camp with the ski team!)
4:30 pm- Dryland
7:30 pm- Dinner with my girls at the Asiana House. My favorite sushi place here! So delicious! I had an Alaskin Maki and the B-52 Maki (I highly recommend it! AMAZING!) The best thing about this place is: No one ever knows what I am talking about because it just looks like a brick building. No one ever notices it.
9:30 pm- Got on the bus from Cherry St. to SMC. Man on bus upon arrival "Best lookin' bus I've ever been on." You meet so many characters on the bus! :-P
Rest of the night: Cramming for my New Media exam! Ah!

The girls were really sweet and decorated my door with streamers and signs. :-) My room mate made my bed. (She said it was as a present, but I think she was just irritated because I NEVER make my bed.) Anyways, it was a really great birthday! I had so much fun with my friends, and it just shows what great friends I've made in my first few months here at school. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Like I said before a group of us purchased our New Moon tickets. I have never been to a midnight showing, but I here its something else. We are making t-shirts. Don't judge us. We are just open about our fascination (Yes, that is a nice way of saying obsession.) with the Twilight saga. I'm not personally Team Edward or Team Jacob, but I do find Jacob VERY attractive. Yummmmm! We are going to a theater in Williston. We'll be taking my car there. Lucky, I have a car on campus. Most freshman are not allowed to, but I applied and received a pass before I got here. Next semester, there is a raffle for parking spots. Most kids want them to go skiing in weekdays, going home on weekends, or for off-campus jobs. Other than that, cars aren't really necessary. You can just take the bus (for free with the Knight Card.)

I hear that there are going to be 200 prospectives on campus this weekend? Anyone coming? I was asked to host one overnight, but unfortunately it was just too last minute. I was told not to go to Alliot brunch from 11:30 - 12:30 because it will be jam packed. I plan on being there promptly at 11 am. Then you don't have to wait in line for the waffle maker, or anything for that matter. (Little things make me very happy.)

Okay, I have to run to Mass Communications, but I'll talk to you later!

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