Friday, October 30, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

No, unfortunatley it's not actually snowing, but in my desperate attempt to will snow to fall I am going to be a snowflake for Halloween tomorrow. It's a super cute costume! I am so excited to wear it! What I didn't plan for was the two days of dressing-up. Apparently, people dress up tonight and tomorrow and have two costumes. Here's what I'm thinking: Gift from God. Look good and be fabulous. I'm good to go. Too cocky? Oh well. Something will come to me.
I promised to talk about Friday Knight Dry. So here it is. It is a really fun event. There were Casino games, karaoke, and mini-golf (amongst other things). For every station, we got raffle tickets which could later be placed in bins in Alliot as a chance to win prizes. There were Green Mountain Coffee gift baskets, an iPod nano (My friend Dustin won that.), a sled (which my friend Sarah won), and several more which I can't remember, but the point is: Who doesn't like winning prizes?
Mini-golf was really fun. In Joyce Hall, each wing was a different holiday. Our hall was Christmas and we really got into the spirit. We made TONS of snowflakes, which are still hanging from the ceiling. There was tinsel and Christmas cookies! Yum! And we also played my Christmas music playlist that I have on my computer all year round. I'm a big fan of the Christmas carols.
I'm going to jump back to a more relevant holiday, Halloween. We have a dance! It is 5 dollars to for your ticket (ahead of time) and 10 dollars (at the door). I've been wearing the wrist band for a day now, and I feel a little ridiculous, but there are so many people wearing them it doesn't really matter.

Me and My Wristband :-P

I really feel like it's Halloween here. It's a real fall. All the leaves are fun colors and for all you out of staters that haven't seen a Vermont fall are in for a treat. I do want to say that I feel like the trees just pick a week and say, "Let's drop our leaves now." It's windy today and it's comparable to a leaf blizzard sometimes. Everything is covered in leaves and it makes the campus look like it's on fire! It's hella cool!
I have also been getting my mid-terms and other test back... I haven't flunked any! Yay! I was a little nervous. It's been a while since I've taken a legitimate test in a class room. It was a little overwhelming, but I came out with B's so it's alright. I was most worried about my New Media exam because I didn't finish the exam. However, I did well enough on everything else that it ended up okay. On my Mass Communications test, I didn't do as well on the identifications as I would have liked, but I nailed the long essays. I have found that college exams are alot of give and take. you can't know all about everything. (At least not me! It's way to much information.) You learn from experience and professors what is important and you learn about specific topics in great detail. I think I'll do better on my next exams knowing what each professor expects.
Today is also LAUNDRY day! I just switched from washer to dryer. I procrastinated on that for two weeks. You know it's bad when you can wear a sports bra and it's been in the laundry basket long enough that you can wear it again and people will assume it's clean... Ya. Gotta love it. :-) So, now I am going to have nice cleans clothes and more clothing options. Those were getting limited. I feel like no one really notices if you were the same piece of clothing a bunch of different ways, but I do... I need to go shopping real bad. haha. That was off topic. Oh well, its the truth. You can never have to many clothes!
Have to go be productive. Or something like that....


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