Monday, October 12, 2009

I Can Die Happy Now :-)

It's been a week, and I feel like I haven't kept you guys up to date. Last week was weird. It was big wait-fest. Everyone was staring at the clock hoping for it be Friday. Columbus Day weekend couldn't come soon enough. 4 days of rest, family, and for me, my first trip to New York City courtesy of my room mate and her fantastic family. To say the least, I had a lot to look forward to and I could swear time stood still in some of my classes. Not that my classes were boring, actually they were good. We are starting to work on our memoirs in The Examined Life, and so the week was definitely on the up side, but I was more interested in New York City than Spanish this past week.
New York City was everything it is supposed to be and then some. As someone who has traveled the world (and never been to NYC, which always shocks people) I am not very easily stunned by something, but for me NYC was stunning and magical. Despite my recent study of advertising in Mass Communications and New Media and how it is everywhere (especially all over Times Square), I loved Times Square and the "brain-washing" advertisements. They were so bright and shiny. I LOVE BRIGHT AND SHINY!! :-P
We took a taxi to Tiffany & Co. when we first arrived (There was TV in the taxi.). It was unfortunately closed, but I was there and that is good enough for me. The window displays were fantastic. All the other designer stores were in the same area, all of which I can never afford, but are very nice to look at. Ashley, her Mom, and I did browse Bloomingdale's which I theorize was built to resemble "shopping heaven." It worked and I was drawn to buy everything insight, but do to my unwavering control, I refrained.
The highlight of the day was Chicago on Broadway. I have always wanted to see a Broadway show and I know all the words to the songs. I lip synced all of the numbers and resisted the urge to jump on stage and steal the spotlight. It was in fact, the greatest show EVER and I will never forget it. The woman who played Roxie was just fantastic as was the rest of the cast. I don't believe they could have done a more fantastic job. Let me just say, that I can die happy now. That Broadway show was something I have always wanted to see (kind of like a world wonder, only better), and I would love to watch it a million and half more times!
For dinner, Ashley's dad and brother caught up with us and we dined at The View, which is a spinning restaurant at the top of the Marriott Marquis. What a fantastic way to end the trip! We watched the sun set over the city, Hudson River, and New Jersey. They view was for miles, and I loved watching the lights of Times Square reflect playfully off of the surrounding buildings. I couldn't have asked for a more fantastic day! (Unless my mom had been there, because I know she would have loved to see Chicago.)
Here are a few pictures of the day:

Ashley and I in Times Square
Ashley and I in Rockefeller Center

Gonna work there some day and my face is going to be in Times Square!

Radio City... Maybe I'll sing there someday?

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