Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Is In the Air!

It's Friday and tonight my RA has planned cookie decorating and rock band. :-) I am very excited. I <3 Rock Band. I can't play any instruments, but I can sing so I just rock the mic. And come on! Who doesn't LOVE cookies? For realz. They are amongst my favorite foods.
They are especially good after workouts where I try to keep the freshman 15 at bay. I just got back from dryland with the ski team. We played speed ball, and nothing against people who play team sports, but I'm just not a big fan. Mostly because my eye-foot coordination is close to non-existent and I get stressed when a million giant skier boys are running at me for the ball. I am really NOT down to get tackled. Technically, there is no tackling allowed. We are ski racers after all. But I guess that is sort of the point. We are aggressive. We play to win.
I get the impression all Purple Knights play to win. And that everyone is a Purple Knight. No. Seriously. I think everyone is an athlete here. Not so much that everyone is on a varsity team, but a majority of the people around here are very active. They go to the gym, they go on runs, and they like to be outside despite the rain. There are also the intramural teams and I give props to the Ultimate Frisbee team. They are on the 300's field almost everyday. It's impressive. Although, I have to be honest I think they like to play to have an excuse to take their shirts. I believe Wednesday (It was SOOOOO cold.) was the first day they had clothing on. That's just what I've noticed. I have no proof. Anyways...... I wrote a poem about us, Purple Knights. It was published in the Naked Opinion section on The Defender this week.

We ache all over
Our bodies broken down
It happens everyday
While in search of the crown

We wake up each morning
And inflict ourselves again
Without it life would be boring
These days would never end

Our struggles keep us going
Probably until we are gray and old
Our will to win is growing
Proudly wear that purple and gold

Like it? Well, I do. I think it describes SMC peeps real well. SMC is a great place to be especially when your feeling the "it's friday. i'm tired. and i REALLY don't want to do anything, but take a nap." blues. Having people around you that are active as well motivates you. Even if it makes you mad you decided to get outside, you'll be thankful later. You will have enjoyed the "warm" weather before winter comes. I feel like winter is almost here.
There was snow on Mt. Mansfield the other day. (There has also been snow in California and Colorado.) I think it's safe to say winter is on its way. :-) Yay! But I hope we can stay in fall a little longer. I here the falls here are off the chain. I want leaves that look like they are on fire!

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