Sunday, October 18, 2009

60 days until Christmas Vacation!

... minus about 20 days that are weekends and Thanksgiving...
So about 40 days of classes, which really seems like a small number, I'm not really sure why. Hopefully, the snow will start flying soon and we get skiing. I hear some people hiked Mt. Mansfield to shred some of the snow that's up there. I would, but all my skis are new and rock skiing isn't ideal for the bases. :-P
This weekend was the chilliest we've had, I think. I was up at 8 am the other morning and it was 30, maybe colder and sunny. The campus always looks nicest at sunrise when there are no clouds (especially in the fall) because everything is a really nice shade of orange. It's just very happy. :-)
It gets that way at sunset, but I'm usually sweaty from dry land at that point and I'm not paying attention because all I want is a shower and some chocolate milk.
But you didn't really need to know that.. anywayyyyyyyyyyyys, this weekend we had a prospective student spend two nights on Joyce 3rd floor. She came from Brooklyn, NY and I believe there were several other prospective from the New York area on campus this weekend getting to know St. Michael's. The Prospies (as we call them) had organized activities during the day to get to know the school, and in the evening they hung out with the students. Our Prospie went to a social in Lyons with a few of her friends and then made brownies with an RA in Cashman. I didn't know prospective students could do overnights. I think that is so cool!
As I am sure you are all aware Halloween is right around the corner.. okay it's 2 weeks, but my costume is good to go. I'm going to be a snowflake! I have a white tu-tu and sparkly jewelry and I am going to look fierce! I'm really excited since I haven't had a real Halloween in a while. I've spent that past two in Austria and so we didn't get dressed up or anything. :-( But now I get to go to the dance and I am SUPER excited! I love the dances. They rock and I am such an epic dancer :-P...
That's all for now.


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