Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Welcome to the Ski House... Apparently."

I miss orientation. Not the whistles, but the uncountable available hours and all the awkward introductions that were okay because everyone was still meeting people. In my mind, that was a gift. I was unafraid to introduce myself to people because so one had a group yet and no one knew anything about me so they couldn't make any judgments ahead of time. And then of course, there were no classes the first 4 days. :-) Don't get me wrong, I love being back in a classroom. (I say "back in the classroom" because I did independent study for my junior and senior years of high school so that I could travel, ski, and go to school.) I am VERY pleased to say I am loving all of my classes.
I think my favorite class is Mass Communications and Society with Professor Mindich, mostly because it is a class that is very discussion oriented. He WANTS us to push back, pose an argument, and help the class see things from many different perspectives. It's fantastic to feel like I have a valued opinion. And in a class where there is so much public speaking what better way to get over nerves than doing a recitation. The professor gave us a list of different recitations we could pick from and the days we would have to present them to the class. I chose "Lose Yourself" by Eminem and today was my big "performance." I KILLED IT! Seriously. I rapped. It was rockin'. From this you may be able to tell that (at least to me) that the class is fairly relaxed. We are learning and having fun (as much fun as you can have in class and still pay attention).We are also using a textbook that Mindich is working on writing, which I am enjoying because it is relevant. Because it is being written now, there are examples I can relate to. I am not reading a text book where they use references from the 1980's.
Now that I have bored you to death with my rambles about classes, I want to talk about the Highlighter Dance. It was AWESOME! If you look at my last blog there is a picture of my floor mates and me in our White T's. I cut most of them :-). It was really fun. We got to the dance and everyone was doodling on T-Shirts, which glowed (as promised) in the black lights placed all over Alliot. Sometime people you didn't even know had written messages on your shirt (usually on your back) so you wouldn't have any idea what the shirt said 'til after the dance or for me, the morning after. Haha. It was pretty funny. Common messages included, "You're Hot" "Gabbilicious" and "insert illegible scribble here". There was a lot of illegible scribble, but its the thought that counts, right? I'm not sure how many people showed to the dance, but it felt like a lot. All of the profits from the dance went towards Tuesday's Children, a non-profit organization that assists families and friends of people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. I fabulous cause for a fabulous dance.
And speaking of fabulous things, who doesn't love getting mail. I got three packages yesterday! Yay. And they were BIG boxes. I got new ski boots, which look REAL fast, all of my ski tuning equipment, and of course various clothes that were left behind in the quest to have underweight baggage on the airplane. While I was very excited to be receiving boxes (which can be compared to the feeling of receiving Christmas presents), the opened and spewing boxes were all over the floor of my dorm room. I left a note on the white board so that she would be prepared to have an overwhelming room until I was able unpack them after class and dry land. When I came back to the room, the note on the white board was, "Welcome to the Ski House... Apparently." I proceeded to clean up the "mess" of things, but there are still boxes chillin' in my room waiting to be disposed of. I really need to go put those in the garbage room. I know you are all supremely jealous of my procrastination skills, but don't worry. It only took me about a week to get this good, so I am sure you can all catch on very easily :-P

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