Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ugh. Monday again...

The weekend has come and gone :-( And everyone is studying for tests. But I am here to report back on the past week/weekend. Today is the Class of 2013's one month anniversary and my one of best friend's birthday. She jumped to the big 19 this year! I'm not even 18 yet! OMG. I'm the second youngest of my group. Kate, who lives across the hall, has a Nov. 28 birthday. I am November 9. I'm counting down the days. Anyways, for the birthday bash we ordered Chinese food (yummmmm) and ate Buttercream/Marble birthday cake. It was very delicious and we had enough Chinese food to feed an army. Seriously. We fed around 15 - 20 people. Andrea, the birthday girl, got lots of presents and who doesn't love those?! But the "Birthday" bus drove away and now everyone is locked in their rooms or in the library cramming and studying.
I hear there is a Biology test tomorrow for several of my floor mates. (Good luck, girls!) It won't be quite so rough for me! I actually like my mondays! Despite the 7:15 am wake up, Spanish class is pretty good. Sometimes I suffer from sleep walking to class, but if I have my coffee I can form complete sentences in Spanish. Lately in Spanish, we have been listening to "Y Hubo Alguien" by Marc Anthony. We are going to have quizzes on it and everything. (I have been helping the professor with setting up the music/music video to play in class. Call me "Teacher's Pet." I don't care. I'm going to ace Spanish, and being on the teacher's good side never hurt anyone.) But it isn't a bad way to learn a language, especially since I am a music junkie. Next time, I hope Profesora Vinals picks a Shakira or JLo song. Even if she doesn't I'll be listening to Shakira because she is fierce! And she is my "Radio Show #3" playlist for tomorrow!I'm telling you, the radio station is sooo cooooool! I love doing it. It's the perfect thing for me to do. I can play music, work on my reporting/public speaking skills, and get some homework done. It's such a cool thing to be able to do. And there is sooo much music in there. I need to go through and rip some onto my computer! I can never have enough music.
ANNNNNNNND I am so excited for tomorrow because my friend Sonia is stopping by on her college tour to see me and I get to show her the school! yay! I don't know how interested she is in the school, but I am bringing my A game. :-) It'd be so fun to have another California skier out here! Sonia and I have skied together for quite a few years now! She would be such a great addition to SMC! And it'll be nice to have a taste of home. Hopefully, we don't have torrential down pour tomorrow! It's raining cats and dogs right now. I really need to invest in some rain boots. If you come to SMC, BRING RAIN BOOTS! No one likes having soggy feet. ewwwwwwww!
Speaking of skiing, I just started a SMC Alpine Ski Team Blog in order to spread the word on all things ski team. I just did the first official post "Meet the Team" and all the athletes answered some basic info (If they bothered to respond to my emails.) I think the blog will be a great way for the ski team to gain support. Skiing is a great sport and we ski faster if there is lots of cheering. Well, I do anyways. It get the adrenaline pumping. I feel the need to ski spectacular! And I will. With dryland everyday, I am going to be in fantastic shape and ready to lay down some turns!
Who else is excited for snow?! I want it to snow so bad! They just got snow in Colorado and I am so jealous. I need to learn some patience!
Okay, I am going to watch Mean Girls with Birthday girl.
Good Night!

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