Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finals Week

It's Tuesday night and the hardest part of my week is over. Yesterday, I had a Mass Communications final. It took me two hours, but it was open note. Overall, it really wasn't too bad. I also had to turn in my final New Media website, which I think turned out very nicely. The site presented research on Facebook. I sent a survey to the entire Freshman class inquiring about Facebook usage. I found some pretty interesting information, mostly that girls are more likely to fill out your survey. The most interesting thing I learned was that 89% of the girls think they are addicted to Facebook. Insane, right? I mean I know I am in that statistic, but I never realized the prominence of Facebook. It really is a weird technological drug in a superficial world. Deep. I know. :-P
Today, I had to turn in my final memoir and self-evaluation. I turned it in compete with manila envelope and stamps to be sent back to be after grading. I think it turned out pretty well, except for the few mistakes I noticed where I was probably typing to fast, skipped a letter, and the computer changes the word to something that doesn't make sense. I usually like that tool, but sometimes.... ooooo it can make me angry. Oh well. Technology isn't perfect. In class, we enjoyed apple cider, egg nog, and cookies courtesy of our professor. Each of us read a short excerpt from either our self evaluation or memoir. While we had already read everyone's memoirs, hearing the changes people made or the things that had been added made them refreshed.
Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am heading up to Smugg's to do a bit of training with the Smuggler's Notch Ski Team. I'm leaving here at 6 am. Ah! So early. Definitely going to need an afternoon nap. Despite that, I am VERY excited to train slalom. It's my best event and I love hitting gates. :-P I can't wait for the NCAA race season to start. It's going to be epic. I hear the snow is supposed to be nice and icy for training tomorrow, which will be fantastic. I have been contemplating exactly how much clothing to wear. I can't wear a ton to train, but I don't want to be too cold! Oh, life's problems. I'm sure I'll be contemplating that until the very last minute.
I have one more final this week in Spanish. I'm not nervous about it at all. After the composition I had to write and the oral exam, I am feeling very confident in my proficiency. I hope that is reflected on the test. Come to think of it, I should probably do a little review. The key with me is not to OVER study. My brain turns to mush and I don't retain anything...

Home again, Home again, Jiggity jigg...
Just so you know, my Spanish final went totally fine. It wasn't a breeze, but I seemed to retain a lot of the material which is fantastic. I also just got my final grades! An "A" in my first-year seminar, an "A-" in Spanish, a "B+" in New Media, and a "B+" in Mass Communications, with a GPA of 3.59. :-) Can't complain about those grades in my first semester of college! Actually, I would never complain about that. I've also been perusing my classes for next semester on eCollege to see what I'm in for. Looks like I'm in for an interesting semester and I promise to keep you updated on anything important. But that's enough about school, It's vacation!
I've been home for a few days now and there is really no place like home. There is four feet of snow outside my house and it is also 40 degrees and I am sweltering. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. I went to walk a dog for my mom (She runs a pet-sitting service.) and in a light sweater and jeans I was so hot! I'd never thought I'd think that. I'm so happy to be home, but I head back to school on the 28th for ski team training. It's going to be weird being in an empty dorm, but I'm very excited for the ski team to really get underway and for the racing to start!
Hope everyone has very happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Storm Warning :-)

We got 3-5 inches! Ah! It's a good day!

This is the Durick Library. Its a very beautiful building and through my observations I think it is safe to say that this is the most popular building on campus. So many people go daily to study and work. With finals coming up, it is even MORE populated. It's insane. It's not just busy at night. It's an ALL DAY thing. Its crazy. As someone that hasn't spent any time in libraries and has to have music playing at all times, I never really understood the productivity that could come from the "libs" as we like to refer to it as. I have only been to library about 4 times and only once for working, but I have found that under the right circumstances it can be a magical place.
Anyways, I made my way over there this morning for my last Spanish Oral Exam. MY LAST! Yay! I talked with my professor about travel and food, which went far better than I thought. I always worry way to much about these things. They are never that hard. I definitely think I aced it! After Spanish, I had Mass Communications. It's one of my classes that I look forward to attending. I know I have talked about all the discussions and the ability to express opinions, but it is fantastic. Today we watched some Pultizer Prize winning editorial cartoons. I thought they were hilarious. Here are a few:

NSA Listening to Our Phone Conversations

Campaigning For Dummies

No Place Like Home

I think this is one of the great things about this class. We were exposed to so much from different media forms to ground break journalism to the infinite opportunities within the journalism field.
Also on this week's agenda is putting together my final website for New Media and editing my memoir for my first year seminar. My website is coming along very nicely. I have picked a light yellow background color and using black, green, and blue for text, logos, and links. Using Adobe Illustrator I have created a very nice logo for the "GH Research Group." In doing so, I have found a font where the "p" and "q" are leaves which I used as embellishment on my logo. The motto is: Where quantity and quality meet... I think it is all going to work out well once I get my results organized and graphed. My memoir is also close to completion. More than anything, I have a lot of punctuation and grammatical errors. Silly things that I miss when I read it. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I have a hard time noticing my own writing mistakes until someone else points them out.
I must stop procrastinating on homework and get focused! Shoot...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Opening Day at Smugg's!

Hey all,
Big day today! Opening day at Smuggler's Notch and lots of snowfall. I headed up to the hill with my friends, Greg, Taylor, and Pat. I also made some new friends, Jared from Arizona (who coincidentally knows a girl I graduated middle school with) and Alex. We drove to the mountain in Greg's SUV at 7 am, so that we could make 8:30 am chair. It was snowing a TON so the drive to look a little longer than expected, but who are we to complain about some more snow?!
When we arrived at the mountain, it was still snowing, but it was in the mid-20's which was a nice temperature especially since I am breaking in new ski boots. :-) I was very excited to ski with a new group of people that weren't racers and just like to bomb down mountains. It's a nice change of pace. At 8:30, Taylor, Pat, Greg and I loaded the lift. Alex was on a mission to teach Jared to snowboard because he has never done it before. I give kudos to Jared for getting out there with us and jumping right into snowboard. It takes a lot of courage to try something new like that. I hear he is a good long boarder which helped him alot in the beginning processes. He did however have a minor freak out the first time he was getting of the lift and proceeded to dangle off the chair past the exit ramp until the lift-ops were able to stop it. Jared also took an infinite number of falls, but its the nature of winter sports.
After a few runs, I ran into my coach, Gus, and my team mates, Andrew, JD, and Kevin, who were equally as amped to get on snow and start skiing. It's been to long for all of us. It is weird seeing everyone in their winter gear because they are so bundled. I always have trouble identifying people. I feel like such a dork asking, "Is that so-and-so?" O well. I'm imperfect. Unfortunately, opening day doesn't mean classes were canceled so we needed to leave to make our afternoon classes. :-( The drive back was far easier because the roads had been plowed and the sun was shining! It was such an awesome way to start the season and I look forward to many more awesome days!
That's all for now! I have to study for a Spanish Oral Exam. Eek! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 7, 2009

First Sticking Snow at SMC!

Woke up this morning with a dusting of snow on the ground :-) and it's been snowing off and on all day. It's not much, but it's a start!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Food, Friends, and Fun!

What a wonderful Saturday! I started the day with brunch and the Center for Women over by Ross Sports Center. My RA, Kate, and her boyfriend, Calvin, cooked Joyce 3rd Floor South a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, coffee cake, fruit, coffee and juice. All of it was delicious, but we are all most excited about the coffee cake. And who would have thought Calvin cooked it?! We certainly didn't, but its the truth. He also forgot to de-stick the pan and left me scraping off crumbs after breakfast, but we all make mistakes.
The Women's Center was a great place for this because it is a house with kitchen and there was large living room for all of us to relax and enjoy each other's company. When we arrive just before 10 am we popped Juno into the DVD player. We stayed at the Women's Center for over 2 hours eating, watching a movie, and doing everything, but thinking about the last two weeks of the semester.
After breakfast, I came back to my room with the intention of being VERY productive. I was going to clean my room, do laundry, and go to the computer lab in order to start work on my final New Media project. So much for that! My friends, Liz, Laura and Alyssa, joined me at the Mens Hockey Team's game. I had never been to a ice hockey game before, so I was very excited. The rink is in South Burlington, so shuttles take students to the venue. When we arrived at the rink, we sat down and then realized the players had ponytails! Whoops! Wrong game... We then made our way to the second rink in the Cairns Arena. Boys! Found them! We watched the last two periods cheering on the Purple Knights. It was a very exciting game because all of the boys were very aggressive and you could tell both teams wanted to win. Who doesn't? Unfortunately, our boys lost to Amherst, but it was still a great game.

Now, I am back at the home and my room is still a mess and my laundry hasn't been cleaned. :-P Bummer.
On the bright side, I have fun snowflake Christmas lights to make me happy! We need to keep positivity that it will snow soon! We don't have snow here! It's like its avoiding us! Ah! What will we do?
I am off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Break!

It's officially Thanksgiving Break for me! And I've ended up in Colorado. I was supposed to be heading to Sunday River, Maine today with the ski team, but the weather has not be working in favor of winter. There was only a little snow and a lot of people. :-( Yesterday, at noon I got a call and text that the camp had been canceled! I had a minor panic attack. It's not like it's really easy to re-plan for the holidays.
I called up my mom, who was in Colorado with my dad and sister. My sister has been here for a few weeks training already and my parents just decided to drive out here and spend Thanksgiving on snow. Now stranded for the break, my mom whipped herself into a frenzy. She is a flight finding machine. Ideally, I would have left today, but prices on flight more than doubled from yesterday to today and with the economy the way it is... well, you get the point.
Obviously, leaving a day early and without warning, leaves the chance that your professors won't be quite so understanding. I got really lucky. My professors tried to understand the situation and didn't freak out when I told them. In order to tell one of my professors, I had to call her at home! But that just shows how much professors care about there students at SMC. We have there home phone numbers. (Don't call after 10 pm, tho. Apparently teachers have lives outside of school.)
Now I am here at Copper Mountain! It was the official first day of the ski season for me :-)! So excited! It was the best feeling ever to just knife turns. The snow was prime for getting back on snow. I will say that the crowds weren't ideal. SO MANY PEOPLE, AH! I had a minor freak out in the middle of the run after being cut off by people straight lining and then turning and stopping in front of me. It gets old REALLY fast. On the bright side, it wasn't even that cold. I was rockin' the speed suit and a flannel. My new ski boots didn't even hurt that bad! It was great! The sun was out and shining... It was a really perfect way to get things going. On the chairlift, I met some other college kids on break. One goes to Gonzaga in Washington and the other to CU Boulder, but the part that relates to me is the younger sister that attends UVM. She's a freshman like me. I just think it's crazy what a small world it really is.
This break just keeps getting better! I just found out that I am going to be training at Vail tomorrow which is exciting because I can train slalom, but I am more excited because I get to see my old coach, Fritz! He's my favorite coach and always does wonders for my skiing. I think that's because he tells it like it is. He will tell you if your skiing was.... um, well to say it politely... not up to his standards. And as an ex-Austrian National Team coach he has really high standards. That's why on a good day, I can ski sort of fast.... My point is: AHHH! I GET TO TRAIN SLALOM TOMORROW AND SEE MY OLD COACH AND ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!
I'll make sure to keep you guys updated on break and the upcoming frenzy that is finals.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The All Important Countdowns...

New Moon Premiere: 3 days
Thanksgiving Break/Sunday River Ski Camp: 7 days
Finals: 23 days
Winter Break/California: 28 days
2010: 44 days

As you can tell, there are lots of exciting events in the future! I've already talked about New Moon, so next on the list is Thanksgiving/Sunday River Ski Camp! I am so stoked to get on snow. This time last year I had already skied at least two months in Chile and Austria, so I am suffering from some serious withdrawal. The ski team is heading the Sunday River to start the season and get comfortable on snow again. (What a process it is!) I've been wearing my ski boots around the dorm in an attempt to break them in, but it never really seems to help when you actually get out there. Just have to tough it out.
In order to get ready for the season, the team is getting nice and strong. We do everything from weight lifting to running and jumping.

We are also a very tight knit team with a great coach who invites all of us over for a home cooked dinner. That's the great thing about SMC. It's like joining an extended family. By coming here, you become part of something bigger.
Naturally, finals are slowly creeping up on us. I have finals in all my classes except The Examined Life because we hand in our final memoir for that course. Because I was in independent study for high school, I haven't really taken finals before and the idea if a week dedicated to them sounds a little terrifying. Luckily, I only have one final a day so there is plenty of time to study. Finals week also means Christmas, so I can't be too bummed.
I'll be heading home for 10 days to get my fill of California. :-) And hopefully some epic powder skiing. I'll be back here before the rest of the school so that I can train for the race season. It'll be weird being in Joyce without everyone here. I hope the buildings not haunted!
Next thing you know, its going to be 2010! Can you believe it? I can't. It's ridiculous. I suppose time flies when you are living the life. :-)
That's all I've got for you today. And if you want more info on St. Michael's College join the bloggers and me for an online chat this Thursday from 7 pm - 9 pm. They are always a good time!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just a Quicky!

This a just a quick look into Class Registration at St. Mike's. The registration process started a month ago with Seniors registering as early as Oct. 12. The first group of freshman registered this morning. Juniors and Sophomores were scattered in the middle. Obviously, this leaves slim pickings for certain classes. I was revising my schedule up until last night. I had my "Ideal Schedule" and my "Back-Up Schedule."
Now, there are a lot of people who want certain classes and will take them at anytime, there are people that want certain professors, and then there are the people that don't want classes on Fridays. I was in all three of those categories and then of course there is the issue of getting classes that don't conflict with skiing. It's quite a process. Unfortunately, there was no way to not have classes on Fridays and still be able to train everyday. However, I contacted the professors earlier and they are willing to work with me. :-)
The program we use for registration is KnightVision. That is where we can search for, register, and drop sections. You can go there now to get an idea of class offerings if you'd like. On KnightVision, I am able to view how many spots are available in the class. (My Intro to Writing class had 3 spots...) Looking at those numbers can really make you nervous about getting the schedule you want. If things didn't go my way, I was going to petition to get in. No big. Registration started at 7 am. That means if you cared you were up at 6:45 am. Lucky for us, we have the greatest RA's in Joyce and they brought us Dunkin' Donuts and Coffee :-) About 10 of us sat in the 2nd floor lounge waiting for the clock to go from 6:59 to 7:00. Longest minute of my life!
After several "There are too many sessions. Try again later." and some minor freaking out, I realized that I had been put in my classes. It was a miracle. I GOT EVERY CLASS! yay! Here is what next semester looks like for me:

8:30 am - Intro to American Politics
9:30 am - Finite Mathematics.. I will be SPRINTING to my next class...
10:25 am - Intro to Writing (Journalism)

1:00 pm- Intro to Philosophy
2:30 pm- Languages of the World

When I'm not in class I'll be skiing. That means no radio show for me next semester :-( But I'll be back on the airwaves next fall. I'll be back! It is such a relief to have registration over and done with. Just wanted to let you guys know whats up while I have a few minutes.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Big 18!

Two days ago a very magical thing happened! I turned 18! A legal adult! And of all the wonderful things that come with turning 18 I realized one very large thing in the hours before midnight. I am older than Edward Cullen. Oh no!! haha, just kidding. I promise. (Although my friends and I just bought tickets to the midnight premiere of New Moon :-P... Don't judge.) In all seriousness, my realization was: Oh my god, I can sign my own release forms! I can go to a ski race and sign the liability waiver, my coach or parent doesn't have to! What a magical thing! ( I got to sign my first one the yesterday to get my Smugg's Pass. They used my student I.D. photo... I hope no hot boys see that photo. Move-In day does not equal photo-op btw.)
Anyways, my birthday went something like this:

7:30 am
- Wake-up (ugh!)
8:15 am- Spanish Class (They sang "Happy Birthday" in Spanish.. ha. It was funny.)
10:00 am- Radio Show #8. As I was walking to the station, I made a new goal. I want to be so famous that people around the world celebrate my birthday! I don't just mean "Oh, it's Gabbi Hall's birthday today." I mean parades, and celebrations in the streets. Similar to Mardi Gras....
12:00 pm- Get my new skis :-) and drive them to Edgewise at Stowe to get prepped for the season. (13 days 'til Sunday River camp with the ski team!)
4:30 pm- Dryland
7:30 pm- Dinner with my girls at the Asiana House. My favorite sushi place here! So delicious! I had an Alaskin Maki and the B-52 Maki (I highly recommend it! AMAZING!) The best thing about this place is: No one ever knows what I am talking about because it just looks like a brick building. No one ever notices it.
9:30 pm- Got on the bus from Cherry St. to SMC. Man on bus upon arrival "Best lookin' bus I've ever been on." You meet so many characters on the bus! :-P
Rest of the night: Cramming for my New Media exam! Ah!

The girls were really sweet and decorated my door with streamers and signs. :-) My room mate made my bed. (She said it was as a present, but I think she was just irritated because I NEVER make my bed.) Anyways, it was a really great birthday! I had so much fun with my friends, and it just shows what great friends I've made in my first few months here at school. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Like I said before a group of us purchased our New Moon tickets. I have never been to a midnight showing, but I here its something else. We are making t-shirts. Don't judge us. We are just open about our fascination (Yes, that is a nice way of saying obsession.) with the Twilight saga. I'm not personally Team Edward or Team Jacob, but I do find Jacob VERY attractive. Yummmmm! We are going to a theater in Williston. We'll be taking my car there. Lucky, I have a car on campus. Most freshman are not allowed to, but I applied and received a pass before I got here. Next semester, there is a raffle for parking spots. Most kids want them to go skiing in weekdays, going home on weekends, or for off-campus jobs. Other than that, cars aren't really necessary. You can just take the bus (for free with the Knight Card.)

I hear that there are going to be 200 prospectives on campus this weekend? Anyone coming? I was asked to host one overnight, but unfortunately it was just too last minute. I was told not to go to Alliot brunch from 11:30 - 12:30 because it will be jam packed. I plan on being there promptly at 11 am. Then you don't have to wait in line for the waffle maker, or anything for that matter. (Little things make me very happy.)

Okay, I have to run to Mass Communications, but I'll talk to you later!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Getting Mail?!

Seriously! And let me tell you, here at school getting mail is like Christmas! Today was particularly exciting because it wasn't just school announcements. I got a package! It was from my good friend, Shannon. We have known each other since we were 10 years old and she is just too cute. It was a care package filled with oatmeal, Cheez-Its, Annie's pasta, hot chocolate mix, Emergen-C, Burt's Bees chap stick, and all other manner of treats. It was a great surprise!

Also in the mail was a paper regarding the purchasing of Smugg's Ski Passes! All St. Michael's students can purchase them for $30 dollars and the winter there are shuttles to take people to the mountain! How cool is that?! They are going on sale next week :-) and I am sure everyone will be investing. For Information on the Smugg's Pass and Program click HERE. And in order to bring in the upcoming winter, the Ski and Snowboard Club is hosting the eighth annual Jibfest. Jibfest is a rail competition for students that takes place on the 300's fields. I have seen them building the apparatus for a while now and I am very excited to see the whole thing set up! It's going to be so legit! To get an idea of what Jibfest is like go here: Spring Jibfest '09

Much like everyone else, the ski team is very antsy. I realize it only Nov. 6, but I could REALLY go for some snow and skiing. In the mean time, the ski team works out everyday (Well, Monday thru Friday) from 4:30-6. We mix it up between agility and lifting. When I am not blogging for you guys I try to update the SMC Alpine Ski Team Blog. I just posted tons of pictures showing everyone the team and what we've been doing. I would like to build up the support for the SMC Ski Team around campus and with people associated with the school. I think the ski team could have a really fantastic season! I'll have a lot more to blog about once on-snow training starts. We leave for camp on Nov. 24 after the last class and come back on Sunday. We will be heading to Sunday River, ME and spending our Thanksgiving there. It'll be some team bonding time to say the least. I for one am dying to smack down some gates and knife some turns. I am suffering from withdrawal.

For now I'll leave you with that! Make sure to check out all the other SMC Bloggers!
And if you are available check out my radio show on Mondays 10 am to Noon on WWPV!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, as expected Halloween was fantastic. Everyone had fantastic costumes and I was particularly happy with how my costume turned out.

To the Left: That's my roommate and me. The Snowflake and Peacock!
Cute, right?
My orange flip-flops definitely matched the costume :-P, but they were the most sensible shoes for the evening of dancing.
Below: Hannah as a Nurse and Sarah as a sailor.

The dance was held on the Tarrant Courts in Ross Sports Center. There was a DJ, of course, and tables set up. There was pizza and water. I thoroughly enjoyed the water. I was doing A LOT of dancing. It's a great work out. Definitely on the ski team workout schedule.

This is my roomate's peacock make-up. Courtesy of Marissa, one of the girl's on Joyce 3rd. So talented!
Ashley's friend, Brooke from UVM, came to visit and enjoy the evening festivities. It is really cool we are allowed to bring guests!

These are my girls! From Left to Right: Natalie as Baby Spice, Teresa as Dorothy, Andrea as Robin, Kate as a Greek Goddess, Emma as a Cat, Me as Snowflake, and Ashley as a Peacock.

Alyssa was a fierce storm! and Daniel was Braveheart!

It was such as awesome night! I wish Halloween was everyday! :-)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

No, unfortunatley it's not actually snowing, but in my desperate attempt to will snow to fall I am going to be a snowflake for Halloween tomorrow. It's a super cute costume! I am so excited to wear it! What I didn't plan for was the two days of dressing-up. Apparently, people dress up tonight and tomorrow and have two costumes. Here's what I'm thinking: Gift from God. Look good and be fabulous. I'm good to go. Too cocky? Oh well. Something will come to me.
I promised to talk about Friday Knight Dry. So here it is. It is a really fun event. There were Casino games, karaoke, and mini-golf (amongst other things). For every station, we got raffle tickets which could later be placed in bins in Alliot as a chance to win prizes. There were Green Mountain Coffee gift baskets, an iPod nano (My friend Dustin won that.), a sled (which my friend Sarah won), and several more which I can't remember, but the point is: Who doesn't like winning prizes?
Mini-golf was really fun. In Joyce Hall, each wing was a different holiday. Our hall was Christmas and we really got into the spirit. We made TONS of snowflakes, which are still hanging from the ceiling. There was tinsel and Christmas cookies! Yum! And we also played my Christmas music playlist that I have on my computer all year round. I'm a big fan of the Christmas carols.
I'm going to jump back to a more relevant holiday, Halloween. We have a dance! It is 5 dollars to for your ticket (ahead of time) and 10 dollars (at the door). I've been wearing the wrist band for a day now, and I feel a little ridiculous, but there are so many people wearing them it doesn't really matter.

Me and My Wristband :-P

I really feel like it's Halloween here. It's a real fall. All the leaves are fun colors and for all you out of staters that haven't seen a Vermont fall are in for a treat. I do want to say that I feel like the trees just pick a week and say, "Let's drop our leaves now." It's windy today and it's comparable to a leaf blizzard sometimes. Everything is covered in leaves and it makes the campus look like it's on fire! It's hella cool!
I have also been getting my mid-terms and other test back... I haven't flunked any! Yay! I was a little nervous. It's been a while since I've taken a legitimate test in a class room. It was a little overwhelming, but I came out with B's so it's alright. I was most worried about my New Media exam because I didn't finish the exam. However, I did well enough on everything else that it ended up okay. On my Mass Communications test, I didn't do as well on the identifications as I would have liked, but I nailed the long essays. I have found that college exams are alot of give and take. you can't know all about everything. (At least not me! It's way to much information.) You learn from experience and professors what is important and you learn about specific topics in great detail. I think I'll do better on my next exams knowing what each professor expects.
Today is also LAUNDRY day! I just switched from washer to dryer. I procrastinated on that for two weeks. You know it's bad when you can wear a sports bra and it's been in the laundry basket long enough that you can wear it again and people will assume it's clean... Ya. Gotta love it. :-) So, now I am going to have nice cleans clothes and more clothing options. Those were getting limited. I feel like no one really notices if you were the same piece of clothing a bunch of different ways, but I do... I need to go shopping real bad. haha. That was off topic. Oh well, its the truth. You can never have to many clothes!
Have to go be productive. Or something like that....


Friday, October 23, 2009

The Case for Reflection..

Or something like that. I've officially started my memoir and by started I mean I'm nine pages deep and what has turned out to be the one of the greatest release of feelings I have ever done. I should also add that I still have about 4 chapters left to write. I guess I should have expected a reflection on my high school years to be long, but I didn't realize I would able to write it down so quickly. I was typing so long my palms got sore from resting on the table and I was writing so intensely about my experience at National Championships for trampoline I could feel the adrenalin rush all over again. It was exhilarating. The Examined Life with Professor Inness-Brown Monley (Yes, she has quite a few last names. We just call her Liz.) will probably be one of the best courses I have ever taken here. I can only imagine that this release will give a clean palette to continue on at the end of the semester. I couldn't be more excited!
I'm also excited about the fact that it's friday, but not just any Friday. Tonight is Friday Knight Dry. Here's the low down. As always that RA's put on activities in the Residence Hall and also some clubs put on activities in Alliot and Eddie's Lounge. Some of the activities are the "World-Famous Lyon's 1st Floor Slip-n-Slide", Twister Tournament, Holiday Themed Mini Golf (my floor is Christmas), and Karaoke. At the activities, you receive raffle tickets At the end of the night, you put your tickets in a raffle. Prizes include iTunes gift certificates, digital camera, and all sorts of other cool prizes. Since I am in college (and not taking a math class currently :-P), here is the equation: More activities= More Raffle Tickets=More Prizes.... That wasn't even an equation, Oh well. It's the truth.
I'll be sure to give you the inside scoop on Friday Night Dry tomorrow.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

60 days until Christmas Vacation!

... minus about 20 days that are weekends and Thanksgiving...
So about 40 days of classes, which really seems like a small number, I'm not really sure why. Hopefully, the snow will start flying soon and we get skiing. I hear some people hiked Mt. Mansfield to shred some of the snow that's up there. I would, but all my skis are new and rock skiing isn't ideal for the bases. :-P
This weekend was the chilliest we've had, I think. I was up at 8 am the other morning and it was 30, maybe colder and sunny. The campus always looks nicest at sunrise when there are no clouds (especially in the fall) because everything is a really nice shade of orange. It's just very happy. :-)
It gets that way at sunset, but I'm usually sweaty from dry land at that point and I'm not paying attention because all I want is a shower and some chocolate milk.
But you didn't really need to know that.. anywayyyyyyyyyyyys, this weekend we had a prospective student spend two nights on Joyce 3rd floor. She came from Brooklyn, NY and I believe there were several other prospective from the New York area on campus this weekend getting to know St. Michael's. The Prospies (as we call them) had organized activities during the day to get to know the school, and in the evening they hung out with the students. Our Prospie went to a social in Lyons with a few of her friends and then made brownies with an RA in Cashman. I didn't know prospective students could do overnights. I think that is so cool!
As I am sure you are all aware Halloween is right around the corner.. okay it's 2 weeks, but my costume is good to go. I'm going to be a snowflake! I have a white tu-tu and sparkly jewelry and I am going to look fierce! I'm really excited since I haven't had a real Halloween in a while. I've spent that past two in Austria and so we didn't get dressed up or anything. :-( But now I get to go to the dance and I am SUPER excited! I love the dances. They rock and I am such an epic dancer :-P...
That's all for now.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It snowed....

...sort of.
There was a momentary sprinkling from the sky. We played Christmas carols from out window for all of Alliot to enjoy and I had a caroling session.

I am impatiently watching the clouds until we get something more substantial. I'll keep you up to date. :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Can Die Happy Now :-)

It's been a week, and I feel like I haven't kept you guys up to date. Last week was weird. It was big wait-fest. Everyone was staring at the clock hoping for it be Friday. Columbus Day weekend couldn't come soon enough. 4 days of rest, family, and for me, my first trip to New York City courtesy of my room mate and her fantastic family. To say the least, I had a lot to look forward to and I could swear time stood still in some of my classes. Not that my classes were boring, actually they were good. We are starting to work on our memoirs in The Examined Life, and so the week was definitely on the up side, but I was more interested in New York City than Spanish this past week.
New York City was everything it is supposed to be and then some. As someone who has traveled the world (and never been to NYC, which always shocks people) I am not very easily stunned by something, but for me NYC was stunning and magical. Despite my recent study of advertising in Mass Communications and New Media and how it is everywhere (especially all over Times Square), I loved Times Square and the "brain-washing" advertisements. They were so bright and shiny. I LOVE BRIGHT AND SHINY!! :-P
We took a taxi to Tiffany & Co. when we first arrived (There was TV in the taxi.). It was unfortunately closed, but I was there and that is good enough for me. The window displays were fantastic. All the other designer stores were in the same area, all of which I can never afford, but are very nice to look at. Ashley, her Mom, and I did browse Bloomingdale's which I theorize was built to resemble "shopping heaven." It worked and I was drawn to buy everything insight, but do to my unwavering control, I refrained.
The highlight of the day was Chicago on Broadway. I have always wanted to see a Broadway show and I know all the words to the songs. I lip synced all of the numbers and resisted the urge to jump on stage and steal the spotlight. It was in fact, the greatest show EVER and I will never forget it. The woman who played Roxie was just fantastic as was the rest of the cast. I don't believe they could have done a more fantastic job. Let me just say, that I can die happy now. That Broadway show was something I have always wanted to see (kind of like a world wonder, only better), and I would love to watch it a million and half more times!
For dinner, Ashley's dad and brother caught up with us and we dined at The View, which is a spinning restaurant at the top of the Marriott Marquis. What a fantastic way to end the trip! We watched the sun set over the city, Hudson River, and New Jersey. They view was for miles, and I loved watching the lights of Times Square reflect playfully off of the surrounding buildings. I couldn't have asked for a more fantastic day! (Unless my mom had been there, because I know she would have loved to see Chicago.)
Here are a few pictures of the day:

Ashley and I in Times Square
Ashley and I in Rockefeller Center

Gonna work there some day and my face is going to be in Times Square!

Radio City... Maybe I'll sing there someday?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome into WWPV Land!

Come inside the WWPV Radio Station in St. Edmund's. It's pretty rockin' place. <3 And if you get the chance, tune in Monday's 10 am to noon. Glamour, Gossip, and Good Music with me, Gabbi Hall, is sure to be on.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Is In the Air!

It's Friday and tonight my RA has planned cookie decorating and rock band. :-) I am very excited. I <3 Rock Band. I can't play any instruments, but I can sing so I just rock the mic. And come on! Who doesn't LOVE cookies? For realz. They are amongst my favorite foods.
They are especially good after workouts where I try to keep the freshman 15 at bay. I just got back from dryland with the ski team. We played speed ball, and nothing against people who play team sports, but I'm just not a big fan. Mostly because my eye-foot coordination is close to non-existent and I get stressed when a million giant skier boys are running at me for the ball. I am really NOT down to get tackled. Technically, there is no tackling allowed. We are ski racers after all. But I guess that is sort of the point. We are aggressive. We play to win.
I get the impression all Purple Knights play to win. And that everyone is a Purple Knight. No. Seriously. I think everyone is an athlete here. Not so much that everyone is on a varsity team, but a majority of the people around here are very active. They go to the gym, they go on runs, and they like to be outside despite the rain. There are also the intramural teams and I give props to the Ultimate Frisbee team. They are on the 300's field almost everyday. It's impressive. Although, I have to be honest I think they like to play to have an excuse to take their shirts. I believe Wednesday (It was SOOOOO cold.) was the first day they had clothing on. That's just what I've noticed. I have no proof. Anyways...... I wrote a poem about us, Purple Knights. It was published in the Naked Opinion section on The Defender this week.

We ache all over
Our bodies broken down
It happens everyday
While in search of the crown

We wake up each morning
And inflict ourselves again
Without it life would be boring
These days would never end

Our struggles keep us going
Probably until we are gray and old
Our will to win is growing
Proudly wear that purple and gold

Like it? Well, I do. I think it describes SMC peeps real well. SMC is a great place to be especially when your feeling the "it's friday. i'm tired. and i REALLY don't want to do anything, but take a nap." blues. Having people around you that are active as well motivates you. Even if it makes you mad you decided to get outside, you'll be thankful later. You will have enjoyed the "warm" weather before winter comes. I feel like winter is almost here.
There was snow on Mt. Mansfield the other day. (There has also been snow in California and Colorado.) I think it's safe to say winter is on its way. :-) Yay! But I hope we can stay in fall a little longer. I here the falls here are off the chain. I want leaves that look like they are on fire!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Burn After Reading... :-) Jk.

Yes, I am fierce!

Eating Chinese Food in the Lounge

We can eat... To say the least. :-)

My girls!
From Left to Right: Me, Andrea, and Emma (The Ski Team and Swim Team hang out :-P)
Lead Singer of the Plain White T's
All of us at Higher Ground

The Plain White T's

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ugh. Monday again...

The weekend has come and gone :-( And everyone is studying for tests. But I am here to report back on the past week/weekend. Today is the Class of 2013's one month anniversary and my one of best friend's birthday. She jumped to the big 19 this year! I'm not even 18 yet! OMG. I'm the second youngest of my group. Kate, who lives across the hall, has a Nov. 28 birthday. I am November 9. I'm counting down the days. Anyways, for the birthday bash we ordered Chinese food (yummmmm) and ate Buttercream/Marble birthday cake. It was very delicious and we had enough Chinese food to feed an army. Seriously. We fed around 15 - 20 people. Andrea, the birthday girl, got lots of presents and who doesn't love those?! But the "Birthday" bus drove away and now everyone is locked in their rooms or in the library cramming and studying.
I hear there is a Biology test tomorrow for several of my floor mates. (Good luck, girls!) It won't be quite so rough for me! I actually like my mondays! Despite the 7:15 am wake up, Spanish class is pretty good. Sometimes I suffer from sleep walking to class, but if I have my coffee I can form complete sentences in Spanish. Lately in Spanish, we have been listening to "Y Hubo Alguien" by Marc Anthony. We are going to have quizzes on it and everything. (I have been helping the professor with setting up the music/music video to play in class. Call me "Teacher's Pet." I don't care. I'm going to ace Spanish, and being on the teacher's good side never hurt anyone.) But it isn't a bad way to learn a language, especially since I am a music junkie. Next time, I hope Profesora Vinals picks a Shakira or JLo song. Even if she doesn't I'll be listening to Shakira because she is fierce! And she is my "Radio Show #3" playlist for tomorrow!I'm telling you, the radio station is sooo cooooool! I love doing it. It's the perfect thing for me to do. I can play music, work on my reporting/public speaking skills, and get some homework done. It's such a cool thing to be able to do. And there is sooo much music in there. I need to go through and rip some onto my computer! I can never have enough music.
ANNNNNNNND I am so excited for tomorrow because my friend Sonia is stopping by on her college tour to see me and I get to show her the school! yay! I don't know how interested she is in the school, but I am bringing my A game. :-) It'd be so fun to have another California skier out here! Sonia and I have skied together for quite a few years now! She would be such a great addition to SMC! And it'll be nice to have a taste of home. Hopefully, we don't have torrential down pour tomorrow! It's raining cats and dogs right now. I really need to invest in some rain boots. If you come to SMC, BRING RAIN BOOTS! No one likes having soggy feet. ewwwwwwww!
Speaking of skiing, I just started a SMC Alpine Ski Team Blog in order to spread the word on all things ski team. I just did the first official post "Meet the Team" and all the athletes answered some basic info (If they bothered to respond to my emails.) I think the blog will be a great way for the ski team to gain support. Skiing is a great sport and we ski faster if there is lots of cheering. Well, I do anyways. It get the adrenaline pumping. I feel the need to ski spectacular! And I will. With dryland everyday, I am going to be in fantastic shape and ready to lay down some turns!
Who else is excited for snow?! I want it to snow so bad! They just got snow in Colorado and I am so jealous. I need to learn some patience!
Okay, I am going to watch Mean Girls with Birthday girl.
Good Night!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Radio Show, Room Mates, and of course, Halloween.

This is a new thing for me! I made a video blog instead of writing one! I thought I might switch it up a bit, and it's a good way to get to know me a little better. Comment if its a yay or nay, if "yay" I'll do more. :-)

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SMC Bloggers ( A link to all bloggers on campus and abroad)
SMC Ski Team Blog

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Welcome to the Ski House... Apparently."

I miss orientation. Not the whistles, but the uncountable available hours and all the awkward introductions that were okay because everyone was still meeting people. In my mind, that was a gift. I was unafraid to introduce myself to people because so one had a group yet and no one knew anything about me so they couldn't make any judgments ahead of time. And then of course, there were no classes the first 4 days. :-) Don't get me wrong, I love being back in a classroom. (I say "back in the classroom" because I did independent study for my junior and senior years of high school so that I could travel, ski, and go to school.) I am VERY pleased to say I am loving all of my classes.
I think my favorite class is Mass Communications and Society with Professor Mindich, mostly because it is a class that is very discussion oriented. He WANTS us to push back, pose an argument, and help the class see things from many different perspectives. It's fantastic to feel like I have a valued opinion. And in a class where there is so much public speaking what better way to get over nerves than doing a recitation. The professor gave us a list of different recitations we could pick from and the days we would have to present them to the class. I chose "Lose Yourself" by Eminem and today was my big "performance." I KILLED IT! Seriously. I rapped. It was rockin'. From this you may be able to tell that (at least to me) that the class is fairly relaxed. We are learning and having fun (as much fun as you can have in class and still pay attention).We are also using a textbook that Mindich is working on writing, which I am enjoying because it is relevant. Because it is being written now, there are examples I can relate to. I am not reading a text book where they use references from the 1980's.
Now that I have bored you to death with my rambles about classes, I want to talk about the Highlighter Dance. It was AWESOME! If you look at my last blog there is a picture of my floor mates and me in our White T's. I cut most of them :-). It was really fun. We got to the dance and everyone was doodling on T-Shirts, which glowed (as promised) in the black lights placed all over Alliot. Sometime people you didn't even know had written messages on your shirt (usually on your back) so you wouldn't have any idea what the shirt said 'til after the dance or for me, the morning after. Haha. It was pretty funny. Common messages included, "You're Hot" "Gabbilicious" and "insert illegible scribble here". There was a lot of illegible scribble, but its the thought that counts, right? I'm not sure how many people showed to the dance, but it felt like a lot. All of the profits from the dance went towards Tuesday's Children, a non-profit organization that assists families and friends of people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. I fabulous cause for a fabulous dance.
And speaking of fabulous things, who doesn't love getting mail. I got three packages yesterday! Yay. And they were BIG boxes. I got new ski boots, which look REAL fast, all of my ski tuning equipment, and of course various clothes that were left behind in the quest to have underweight baggage on the airplane. While I was very excited to be receiving boxes (which can be compared to the feeling of receiving Christmas presents), the opened and spewing boxes were all over the floor of my dorm room. I left a note on the white board so that she would be prepared to have an overwhelming room until I was able unpack them after class and dry land. When I came back to the room, the note on the white board was, "Welcome to the Ski House... Apparently." I proceeded to clean up the "mess" of things, but there are still boxes chillin' in my room waiting to be disposed of. I really need to go put those in the garbage room. I know you are all supremely jealous of my procrastination skills, but don't worry. It only took me about a week to get this good, so I am sure you can all catch on very easily :-P

Don't forget you can keep up with the rest of the SMC Bloggers by heading to the Website.
If you want to listen to the SMC Radio Station aka WWPV 88.7 and aren't in the area, click here.
And if you want to follow me on twitter, I'm @gabdivalicious.

That's all for now!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Spice Up Your Life

It's the WEEKEND! Well, technically it's middle of the day Friday, but for me it's the weekend. My classes ended at 11:40. :-) It's really nice. Today was full of quizzes. Spanish quiz and a Mass Communications Quiz. They weren't really difficult, but I've never been much of a test taker. I was also designated reader in Mass Comm today. I was really nervous. I had notes and questions for the class. And I thought I'd have to get in front of the class and do it, but I got to stay in my seat and have a "discussion amongst my peers." That's what I'd call it at least. Needless to say I am very happy to have the weekend in my near future.
This week wasn't really stressful, but I did add something to my schedule. Dryland. 4:30 -6 everyday. Trust me. I have been getting a good workout. I could barely move yesterday. Today is game day. Bring on the heat! ha! I can always go for some healthy competition. Soccer is probably not a good idea. I have a tendency to accidently kick people in the shins. And I really mean by accident. I have horrendous foot-eye coordination. It's rather pitiful for an athlete, but its just not my cup of tea. Luckily, my workout today will make me tired so that I can take a "nap" in evening so I have energy for the Highlighter Dance!!
This weekend is the Welcome Back Bash Weekend! And there are million fun things to do on campus. I think my favorite thing is going to be the Highlighter Dance. It's tonight from 10 pm - 1 am and everyone wears white t's and draws on them with highlighter. Alliot is (supposedly) all black lighted and everyone glows. As someone who never went to any high school dances, I am game to go to any dance, especially when there is glowing involved!
Luckily, activities on Saturday don't start until 11 am. The SMC Rugby team is going to be playing UVM Laws team on the 300's field. Afterwards, WWPV, the school radio station, will be playing music and class officers will be arranging activities on the 300's field. Next comes the activities fair where we can view all the clubs on campus. (There are a million and one things to do here, so scheduling is getting really important! ah!) Then we get to hear from some of our musically inclined students in MIKE CHECK, FREE LOUIS, THE MARCUS COOPER 3, & THE CELTIC KNIGHTS. Alliot is closed for dinner tomorrow night, so we are having a BBQ. I am all about the BBQs. They remind me of home.
Sunday is going to be a recovery and homework day, I'm sure. Lots of people cramming in the last minute Monday homework that they avoided all weekend because well, it's the weekend. Ha. It's whole purpose is to be wasted away doing things that don't involve classes. :-P Just kidding. Sort of...
Oh! and I am very excited to say that I am going to have a radio show on WWPV on Mondays from 10 am - Noon! It's called Glamour, Gossip, and Good Music with Gabbi Hall. Anyone notice a pattern in that one? Anyways, I'm excited for it so that I can play the music I want. I hate when radio stations only play one kind of music. I personally want to listen to just rock, or just hip-hop all the time. So my show is going to mix things up a bit. I am also going to be talking about upcoming music releases, concerts, movies, and of course the latest in greatest in pop culture because who doesn't like to laugh at the stupid things celebrities say or do? If you don't, don't listen to my show. That's all I can say to you. I'll probably throw some serious and important news in there as well. Try to have a little somethin' somethin' for everyone. If you aren't in the Burlington area, but want to tune in, go to the Webcast. Also on the website you'll find show schedules, events, contact information, and all thing relating to the radio show.

That's all for now!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

About Me

Hi. My name is Gabbi and I am a freshman at St. Michael's College this year! I am a journalism major. I plan on adding on a music minor, but that isn't official. I am from Truckee, California. For anyone who makes assumptions about California, California does have snow. We have some of the best snow and mountains around. Truckee is in the snowy mountain part of California. I came to Vermont to be a member of the SMC Ski Team. Go Purple Knights! I love sports. I used to be a competitive trampolinist, I water ski on Lake Tahoe regularly, and I ski race. I also like singing in the shower, doodling, and climbing trees. :-) Follow me!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Fierce Room

Please note: This is what a dorm room really looks like. After move in, the rooms don't stay picture perfect. My floor mates come in and make my bed. They are a little compulsive about it. Ha. Here's the realistic version of a freshman dorm room.

"Hi, I'm Gabbi. I think we are friends on Facebook."

Well, I made it through Orientation and the first week of classes. (Whew!) What a whirl wind. Let me give you the low down on Orientation...
First, I just want to say that those O-Leaders are quite the spectacle. All decked in whistles and sweat bands. :-) Second, if you want an easy move-in day come to SMC. Seriously. O-Leaders love to carry heavy objects of lots of stairs.
Okay. So, I stayed at the Days Inn the night before move in day and those whistles were my alarm clock. I could here them across the street at about 8 am. (I was really thrilled ;-) ) But it also made me very excited to come over. I got antsy waiting for the 9 am check-in at the Ross Sports Center, so I walked across the street and strolled the campus.
Promptly at 9 am, I walked in, checked in, got my folder, ran into my first SMC twitter friend, and then called my parents to tell them to bring my stuff over. Here is where the crazy O-Leaders, RA's, RD's, and all other manner of SMC staff member come in. I walked up to Joyce Hall. I was immediately greeted by screams. I then met Kate, the 3rd floor RA, who took me to my new home. :-). When my parents arrived, my family started to move things up to my room. Then the O-Leaders were on a rampage, bombarded my car, and conveniently lifted all of my stuff into my room. So like I said, if are looking for easy move-in come to SMC. Also, loft your bed. You need to space. If you like bunk beds, do that and you can fit a couch. Not that you need to know all this now, but just put it in the back of your mind.
I am fortunate enough to have a fabulous room mate. Although all the girls don't have a BFF relationship with their roomies, everyone appears to be getting along. Anyways, our room is nice and bright. The overall decor is fantastic. I went "Bright & Wild" while Ashley went floral. It blends nicely if I do say so myself. (I'll upload a video.)
Now, I am moving on to day to day life. IT IS GREAT! I'm loving it. I am very pleased to say I love all my classes and professors. But its also only been a week, so we'll see how that goes... Just to get an idea I'll give a run through of my Wednesdays.
7 am: Wake up
8:15 am: Spanish 102
10:00 am: Mass Communications
12:00 pm: Lunch with Joyce 3rd Floor girls (or who ever is available)
1:00 - 4:30 pm: Homework, Procrastination, Handstands in the hallway, or many other things that can be done on campus
4:30-6 pm: Ski Team Dryland
6:30 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm - whenever: Mass hangout session in Joyce 305.
That is a general summary of my days now. It's an awesome schedule. I like having my afternoons free. I am a morning person, so this is fantastic. And on Mondays, I am done with classes by 9. :-) Its fantastic.

Ok! One last thing I want to mention since its my first blog. Meeting people is REALLY not that awkward. My personal favorite for pick-up lines (and seemingly the most popular) is "Hi I'm *Insert Name Here*. I think we're friends on face book." Now as nerdy and weird as that may seem its really not. It's much easier to meet people when you've facebook  chatted with them. And for me personally, I had LOTS of people coming up to me and asking,"Are you Gabbilicious?" That is my facebook name and it has caught on with lots of people. I also sent out a audition video to Seventeen magazine to be part of the freshman 15. Anyways, I sent that around to people for viewing. I am sure lots of people think I am the crazy chick from the you tube video.

Here is my point. It is very easy to meet people here! And I am loving every second :-)!
PS My floormates want to be in my blog so here it goes: Andrea, Natalie, Ashley, and Sarah.
There are more but we need food from Alliot. I'm starved.

xoxo Gabbilicious

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